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PERMIKA August Newsletter

Welcome to NUSANTARA: Newsletter Anak Rantau!

We're so excited to welcome you to the start of our new monthly newsletters. Here you can discover past and upcoming events from PERMIKA Vancouver, as well as various other Indonesian student-led organizations across Vancouver. You can also have a chance to get to know the faces behind PERMIKA's executive members! Good conversation starters for when you see us at our events ;). Lastly, relax, refresh, and rejuvenate in our wellness corner where you can find things that will help boost your serotonin levels! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and join our Discord server or our new WhatsApp group for quick updates on our upcoming events!


On August 27th, 2022, to celebrate our beloved Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day, PERMIKA Vancouver held our annual Independence Day Event, Es Tafet 77: Merdeka Bersama PERMIKA 3.0! With over 80 participants, we definitely celebrated our Independence Day full of laughs and big smiles. From delicious traditional food and games to exciting prizes and awards, we helped bring together fellow Indonesians in Vancouver to remind them a little bit of our home. We hoped that we helped strengthen our patriotism and created an even tighter bond with our Indonesian community! And, we sincerely hope that you all enjoyed your time celebrating with us.


So excited for the Fall 2022 term that will be starting very soon! We had an amazing pre- departure orientation session, presented by Pak Daniel Nugroho from KJRI Vancouver, Pak Gadjahmada as the Parents Representatives, and yours truly – PERMIKA Vancouver. We discussed all the important necessities, as well as useful tips and tricks on ensuring a safe and smooth travel to Canada for the future students. Check our YouTube video if you missed it! To get the full overview on what we discussed previously such as immigration processes, current COVID-19 regulations, vaccinations, etc, kindly head over to our website for links to the slides, recording, and FAQ. PERMIKA Vancouver extends a warm welcome to Vancouver!

Zanetta Soegimitro President of PERMIKA Vancouver

Hi guys! My name is Zanetta. I go to SFU Beedie and I am a Bachelor of Business Administration Candidate, currently in my 3rd year of university. A fun fact about me is that I used to eat one pint of ice cream every single day! In my spare time, I love to work for my part time job to earn some money hahaha. For the upcoming year, I hope that PERMIKA could be a welcoming community for everyone! Also, I wish that we could use this platform to help share more exciting things to everyone!

Moira Renata Vice President of PERMIKA Vancouver

Hello everyone! I'm Moira. I go to UBC and I major in Statistics with a minor in Data Science. I plan on graduating in 2024. When I don't have anything to do, I love to sleep! Even if it's a 20-minute break in between meetings, I will still use that time to sleep . In the upcoming year, I hope that PERMIKA Vancouver will become a more close-knit community for Indonesian students in Vancouver where everyone can feel a sense of belonging.\

Michael Tumbelaka

Logistics Director of PERMIKA Vancouver

Hey! My name is Michael but people call me MT. I currently in my 2nd year of studying at UBC, majoring in Science. Some things you wouldn't know about me is that I was once the number 1 Cecilion in all of Canada and that I would very much rather wait for the bus instead of walk to places. During my free time, I love to sleep and to play games (especially Mobile Legends). For the year ahead, I hope that you all will expect our very delicious (enak pake banget!) Waroeng dishes and our very exciting events (seru abis loh) that we'll prepare just for you!


Welcome first years! Congratulations on becoming official Vancouverites! Wanna make new friends with fellow first years? Looking to finally get a chance to see those faces behind off-cam Zoom buddies? Or, you just want to find a fresh start to your journey in a new country? Then, you should definitely come to our event! PERMIKA Vancouver invites you to come to our 2022 Welcoming Party, HALU! Look forward to having a fun time with us and fellow Vancouver newcomers! Come play games, eat good food, and get to know your new friends and a little bit more about Vancouver as well. Stay tuned to our Instagram for upcoming details of the event and also registration. Can't wait to see you there!


Craving for food and dessert that's both salty and sweet at the same time? Our top cafe recommendation for the month is Basak Cafe! Located at 4563 North Rd #6, Burnaby, Basak Cafe is like a hidden gem in the Lougheed, Coquitlam area. Would you try the rice hot dog with melted cheese inside? Yum! Or a tasty waffle with your choice of ice cream fillings with so many different flavours? Your choice! But we promise, any option will be good, delicious, and will definitely make your tummy happy. Try it and let us know which dessert is your favourite!

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